Saturday, March 15, 2008

Yes, poor wee guy indeed

Remember how Liam was sick? well, so was Kyle. and so was I. alllll week. It was absolutely brutal! I can't remember being that sick in a very very long time. Chills and fever and the whole 9 yards! We were recouperated enough today to go out for a bit, but Kyle and I were pretty pooped out by the end of it.

We felt bad that the poor kids didn't get to do anything on their march break, so we went to Goderich for a stroll on Lake Huron where there was a ship cabin to explore and of course, that made a great fort for an impromptu snowball fight.
We stopped at a used bookstore, and they had a greyhound there. He wasn't the nicest looking dog, being really skinny, as greyhounds are, but he was the nicest dog ever! I hadn't ever seen a live greyhound before, so it was really neat to see one. The owner told us a bit about the greyhounds and the greyhound rescue. I have done some looking at greyhounds in my looking for a suitable dog for our family, but not ever having actually seen one, I was reluctant. I think a greyhound is on my list now LOL
Then it was off for some ever so cool bowling. Ryan had a bit of a meltdown when he found it was only 5 pin, not 10, so he didn't give it an honest effort until G told him that he needed to get 30 or we wouldn't get chinese food after hahaha. He was joking, of course, but it did make Ryan try harder. Kyle got a spare, which really boosted his confidence. Liam was just silly as ever, chasing the laser designs that played on the floor. The boys all thought that bowling with the blacklights on was pretty neat.
After bowling, we hit a chinese buffet, and then we just cruised Zellers for a bit and came home. I am still not feeling 100%, and am rather ragged around the edges, but I am so glad that the boys had at least one fun day on their March break!

Random pic: Boys at the waterfront


incognito said...

I've never heard of 5 pin bowling!!! LOL wth? Or maybe you made that up bc your scores were so low...? ;)