Thursday, January 31, 2008

PA day

The boys are home today, since their school is having a PA day. So, we are playing with K'nex and I am trying to keep the squabbles to a minimum. It's a full time job LOL.

The sun is shining! It's gorgeous! Very bitterly frigidly cold, but beautiful. A front of Arctic air has covered a good deal of Canada, and sadly a few people have died as a result of it. Spring can't come fast enough! I am looking forward to getting my fingers into the soil and planting my garden. I can almost smell steaks on the barbecue and hear the baby birds peeping.

So it's bridal shoppes for me this weekend. My brother in law is getting married in June, so his fiance Arlene and I are going to go look at dresses and bridal stuff, so she can get an idea of what she is looking for. I do enjoy helping with weddings! I haven't been to many weddings in my lifetime, but I've had a great time at each wedding I've been at.
Random Pic: My adorable niece, Rachel Autumn

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Various and sundry

Not much going on here. We are under 3, yes 3 severe winter weather warnings *boo hoo*. I guess winter wants us to know it is here this year!
I think I'll make fish for supper, since I am wanting some. Fish, rice and swiss chard sounds great to me!

Random pic: My beautiful neice, Emma May

Monday, January 28, 2008

It's melting!

I know it is still January, and spring is still months away, but the temperature today had the snow melting and feeling a bit springy. The snow falling off the roof made me jump a few times, and Kyle laughed at me. He was home again today, but I think he is finally on the mend ~YAY!

The boys are quite wild today, so they are heading outside, despite their many and loud protests to burn off some energy. Mom needs some quiet!

Ryan and Kyle were just having a disagreement about whether something was wet or soggy. Ryan said "KYLE! soggy and wet are the same thing!" at which Kyle looked confused and replied "But, Ryan,I don't get soggy!"

I got a free cat food sample in the mail today, which I set on the sideboard by the front door. Ryan walked in the door, saw the package, and said "Mom, can i eat this?" and I told him only if he ate all of it....snickering to myself the whole time. He was so excited about the bag of candy until he realized it was cat food!

Taken 2006:

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Today was not a usual Sunday. Usually, I get up, make breakfast, tidy up, then get the kids and myself into our sunday go meeting clothes, while G gets himself ready. This morning, however, G was up with the chicken, singing and waking me up unnaturally early, which made me grumpy lol. Poor wee Kyle was still ill, with a rotten sore throat, so I stayed home with him while G and the other two boys went to meeting. Then I did a deep clean of the bathroom/ laundry/ kitchen and made a ham dinner. It will be nice tomorrow to not have to face the usual weekend chaos cleanup! We will go to night meeting later, since Kyle seems a bit recuperated now, so I think it will be alright to go. It will be nice to get out and have some grown up conversation!

Random pic:

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Full Day

My, what a full day it has been! Today was the day that we celebrated Ryan's birthday. He wanted to have Indian buffet, but we couldn't find one in the area, so he settled for Chinese. It was such a selection, and it was hard to know what to try! The boys all had some calamari and sushi, yes, with raw fish! I stuck with the vegetable sushi. I don't think I could handle raw fish. Just the thought of it is yukky haha. They had a little birthday package there, which we got. It had them come sing Happy Birthday to Ryan, as well as a crown, balloon, cupcake with candle, and a picture of him in his fine crown.
Here's one I took of him:

After the Chinese food, we hit the movies. They had a wide selection that was child appropriate (can you hear my sarcasm here?) so we watched "The water horse" which was really a charming movie, and set in Scotland (be still my heart) with fabulous scenery and really great accents. It is interesting enough to hold the attention of children and adults, with no blood, guts, or swearing.

It was around 6 when we got out of the movie, and then we drove home in a light snow that was beautiful, but made the roads quite slippery, so we went slowly and made it home fine. Then, lo and behold, some kind person had plowed our driveway for us :) We just have a shovel and a long driveway ~well, it doesn't SEEM long, until you have to shovel it!~ so we've been huffing and puffing trying to keep it cleared so to see it plowed was a GREAT surprise! Especially since G had a small accident at work and burned his hand so shoveling would hurt, no doubt. I just stayed out there and shoveled the path and the porch, which was a nice quiet time for me.
Random shot:

Friday, January 25, 2008

Photo Friday


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Poor Guy

My poor Kyle is so sick. He came home from school yesterday with a black bag, which he'd been vomiting in all the way home :( He just stood at the end of the driveway and said in a weak whisper "Mom can you carry me?" awww it nearly broke my heart! So, I ignored the vomit covered coat and carried him inside, took off his coat and boots and tucked him in on the couch. (The coat went straight into the washer)

He is not vomiting today, but is still running a pretty good temp and says his head hurts. So I am giving him lots of drinks and loves! He hasn't lost his sence of humour, though. He keeps huffing at me and saying "haha Mom you are going to get my sickness from my sick breath" silly boy.

Ryan was quite sick last week, although he only had the fever and headache. He missed Monday, but insisted on going to school the rest of the week. Not bad for a child who abhorred school at his former school.

and just a random pictre that I took

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Shoveling has taken it's toll~Ouch. I woke up this morning with stiff shoulders and sore muscles in my arms. Nothing like a bit of stiffness to make you appreciate a hot bath and free mobility :) The driveway didn't stay shovelled anyway, since it is still snowing and the wind picked up and filled it in. At least George was able to drive the car in after work last night! And I just think of all the calories I burned shoveling. maybe I should go shovel it again! I actually took a picture of how much snow we've gotten, but my usb port is being cranky, so perhaps later it will work and I can post the picture.

The Banana bread turned out, but a titch dry :( The only thing that rescued it was the chocolate chips and the fact that my children will eat almost anything sweet. Not really worth sharing the recipe, I am afraid!

I have four goldfish, three bronze and one fantail, which I really enjoy. Today, I noticed that one of the bronze looks a bit skinnier than usual, and the others are sort of picking on it, chasing it around the tank. I hope it is ok! I hope to build them an outdoor pond in the spring, so they can enjoy the outdoors :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snow, Laundry and Banana Bread.

The snow! I know I live in Canada now. It just keeps coming, and coming, and coming. It was past my knees when I shoveled the end of the driveway, and I have tall knees haha. When I woke up this morning, I was quite surprised. This was taken this morning just after I got up, and it snowed ALL DAY!
I remember as a child, one winter my father had to shovel off the roof, so the weight of the snow did not collapse the roof. I felt rather like that when I had to shovel the snow off the porch roof today!

I am quite pleased to say that I have FINALLY caught up with my laundry! The basket is empty YAY. It has taken weeks to get caught up, but hopefully it stays caught up :)

And, finally, I have a Banana bread in the oven. It smells so yummy, and I can't wait to try it! If it turns out well, I will share the recipe here. I have been wanting some Banana Bread for awhile now, but I've been quite slack in the baking department lately. I added some chocolate chips and walnuts as well. I hope it turns out! The coldness and snowiness of outside makes you want to just snuggle in with some home baking or a pot of soup or something. :)
and just to brighten things up, a picture I took a few years ago :)

Saturday, January 19, 2008


It's cold today! We went tobogganing but the kids only went down the hill a few times each. Ryan was snowboarding, but he had a great wipe out at the bottom of the hill, and that was enough for him. The other two were pretty cold so, we drove to the nearest big town and hit Wal-mart, where we got Ryan some new meeting shoes. Got Liam a pair of slippers he's been wanting since before Christmas for only 3.00$ YAY! Ryan also spent the remainder of his Christmas money on a Roboraptor, so he and Kyle are playing with their robocreatures. (Kyle has a robopanda) They are really having some fun!
Baby the great huntress cat caught a mouse. Poor thing was squeaking and jumping,and I felt really badly for it, but I sure don't want mice in my house. Baby is a great mouse catcher and more than earns her keep. She's a lovey and sleeps on Liam's bed, if she can't get on mine.
Anyhoooo, It's been a looooong day, so I am off!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Pizza and Legos

Pretty uneventful day here yesterday. Ryan came home from school sick, and just laid on the floor in his jacket until I made him go to bed. He said he had a headache and noise bothered him. I hope he isn't getting migraines! He asked for Pizza for supper and since I was feeling a bit lazy I phoned hubby at work and asked him to grab a couple of cardboard pizzas on his way home, which he did. It was a nice change from the regular fare.
The boys have been playing with their Christmas lego alot, building different spaceships, pirate villages, and fighter planes. Liam asked me to help him re-build the lego set my Mom gave him for Christmas, which is pretty complicated. He had the main body built but needed help with the legs, so we sat on the floor and built the Venom striker together. Kyle was building a sheild for a fighter plane he built. He did a really good job! I am so pleased that they have imaginations~ way better than always whining about being bored. Then Liam read some books to me for his book log and he is reading very well. He sure has progressed a long way!
The oil man showed up yesterday, a day early. He put the oil in the tank and wow warm! It seems as if the lower the tank gets, the less effective our furnace is. I am so thankful we have a warm house this year~ we really are spoiled. I forget to be thankful alot.
I must end this now, as I have much to do today. :)
The Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost Luke 19:10

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Starting a blog

I wonder what this blog will contain when I am done. Probably alot of boring stuff and a bit of chaos as well! I wonder~ should I just blog about my family, or my beliefs, or society, news, the world? Will I keep it up, or will it be like so many projects, started and forgotten?
Guess for now, I'll just tell you about my daily life and observations.
This morning, I made red river cereal for breakfast. Ryan doesn't like it, so he had a healthy TV mom breakfast (haha) popcorn. Kyle and Liam gobbled their cereal up and wanted more. I wonder if they actually like the cereal or just the sugar and milk they put on it.
I have noticed that Ryan functions better and has a much nicer day when he is well rested and eats a large breakfast. There are less squabbles and he isn't as grumpy.
I am slowly catching up on the piles of laundry that somehow seem to accumulate when I miss a day. Funny how no laundry on Sunday can make all-day laundry for the other 6 days Who needs clean sheets anyway haha!
Don't really want to write more right now, so I suppose I'll give a shot at posting tomorrow!