Monday, May 26, 2008

50 posts!

I know I am not as far along as some bloggers, but for me, 50 is great! I have a bad habit of starting something and not continuing it on after the initial glow wears off.

We finally had a few nice days. Most of G's vacation was lousy weather for a vacation~ rainy, windy and cold. However, on thursday, the sun come out! So, we spent Thursday cleaning out a grainery for a friend. Well, more correctly, G and the three boys spent five hours or so mucking it out, whilst I ran some errands, fixed meals,and vacuumed our friend's house (she had a triple bypass recently and can't do alot yet). We were all pretty pooped out when we got home at midnight!

Friday we went fishing for the first time this year. We went to the dock in Goderich, and fished for a couple of hours. It was REALLY windy there, and the fish weren't biting much. I caught one good sized bass, but nobody else caught anything. We let the bass go, and we left there. We headed out to Kincardine just because I wanted to see it. It's a beautiful little town, and Kyle said to me "Mom, I want to move here". That would be lovely, but a little far for G to drive to work! We got a couple of pizzas and had a picnic on the beach. The boys had a fabulous time playing in the lake (brrr) and building trenches in the sand. They came out chattering and shivering, so we went to Tim Horton's and got them a hot chocolate.

I've been reading to them in the car for awhile now. It really cuts down on the backseat bickering and the "are we there yet"s. We are reading and almost done of "where the red fern grows" by Wilson Rawls. I love seeing them play after we read a book! this time, Liam's raccoon webkinz is the "coon" that "old Dan" (Ryan's basset hound webkinz) and "Little Ann" (Kyle's poodle webkinz) chase all over the yard, barking and chasing. In their version, though, Jack from "Little house on the Prairie" is a coon hound too (also Ryan's black lab webkinz) . ha ha.

Unfortunately, our vacation was cut a little short by the car breaking :( We missed meeting on Sunday because we couldn't drive the car that far, and our town doesn't carry the part we needed to fix it. So G will get the part in London and he'll try to fix it.

random pic l-r Aunt Ileen, Mom, Uncle Randy:

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Antiques, antiques, antiques ay yi yi! G has been bitten by the antique bug. I've learned a whole new vocabulary! Milk glass, Wedgwood, Evangeline, hobnail..... I now know what these words mean. We've been to countless thrift stores, antique warehouses, yard sales, and auctions in the last few weeks! I can't really complain, because I now have a fabulous new china set (new to me) which I am completely in love with. It is the kind of china I would sigh over when G and I were eating KD and hot dogs when we were newly married and had to live off love hahahaha

We aren't really looking for ourselves, as he is trying to sell some things on eBay as a side business. We don't actually advertise that, as some antique dealers wax eloquent about how eBay has killed the antique market. Oops. So I got my china for a price I could afford, instead of a price I would be afraid to eat off of! yay for eBay LOL

However, my formal dining room is now so covered in finds to sell on eBay and I can hardly SEE my shiny buffet hutch with my glittery new china so carefully arranged in it! I am sure I will appreciate it much more when I reap the benefits of our hours and hours of looking for bargain treasures. Basically, we have found, the uglier it is, the more money people will pay for it.

case in point:

G is on vacation this week, and our week is already stuffed full! I love being busy :) it sure beats twiddling your thumbs.

We packed our Saturday so full~ it was a grand day. Hit an Indian buffet for lunch. Kyle wouldn't try anything but fruit, but the rest of us chowed down and were so full they nearly had to roll us out. then we visited my sister and the boys went on a city bus for the first time in their memories (they'd been on in Calgary, but were too young to remember) They couldn't wipe the smiles off their faces at the thought of STANDING on a moving vehicle! We just went downtown so they could see their uncle at work, but they were glowing all night about their bus ride. Then we went and visited with G's parents and brothers and Arlene for a bit and headed home.

I hope our week is as fun as Saturday was!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Train up a child in the way he should go

I've been thinking on Proverbs 22:6 lately. What does it mean? Does it mean teach them to be honest, caring, hard working? I am sure it does, but also it means teach them how to live for Christ as well. This is a HARD job, especially when I have been running away from it for so many years now. My parents trained me in the way, but I thought I had a better way, my own way. I pushed God away. I ignored him and "did my own thing" , but it didn't make me happy, or fulfilled, or settled. My salvation was complete,finished, and could not be removed, but my joy was not there and I was very empty. I searched for something, anything to fill that void, but nothing worked. Then a not very nice event happened in my life, which opened my eyes and made me realize what my parents taught me was TRUE! Only Christ can truly satisfy. Only Christ fills that emptiness inside. Family can't fill it. New clothes, cars, bigger houses can't fill it. Church can't fill it. Business can never fill that aching, empty void. I hope that what G and I teach our children will stay with them, that they will know their sins forgiven at a young age, and know the comfort of a secure eternity in Heaven.

Today was REALLY busy. got the boys off to school, then G and I headed out to Toronto, since he's on vacation for a whole week now! We went to some antique stores, and had lunch at McDonalds ( how romantic haha). We went to St Jacobs, shakespeare and Stratford, checked out a few more antique stores. Then we headed home, grabbed the boys off the bus, and went to St Mary's and had some fries and gravy from a chip truck. Back home to change, and then off to a sing at an old age home, and a visit with some friends of ours after. So a VERY busy day, and I am knackered out!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The seasons

"While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease." Genesis 8:22

I am trying to keep this promise in mind as I sit here shivering through yet another chilly May day! It seems that the warmth of summer is taking it's time this year, although I am sure when it is +37c and I am melting I will long for the coolness of today.

My favorite season is fall. I love the warmish coolness of the days (if that makes any sense) and the smells of the earth preparing itself for sleep. The autumn leaves, the pumpkins, the ripe, harvested vegetables and fruits all make me feel so cozy and happy. I know many people prefer spring, or summer, but fall is my time of year.

Every year, we rake a huge pile of leaves and we all have a blast jumping in, throwing them at each other, stuffing them down shirts, and rolling around in them. Then we burn the leaves~ what a homey scent that is!

Poor Kyle is home sick today :( He was ill yesterday aswell, with quite a fever. He is feeling better today than he did yesterday, but still pretty warm. I hope he mends quickly!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My family left me :(

The visit is over, but what a superb time we had! It was wonderful to spend time with my Mom and sister Rebecca, nephew Caleb and niece Emma. We didn't do anything fabulous, just mostly stayed at my house and worked together on cooking, laundry and chatting.

On Saturday we had a bit of a family reunion/ birthday party, so people could come visit Mom and celebrate Rebecca's 25th birthday. There was a good turnout and I think everyone had a good time. We ate tons of food and talked way too much, took some professional pictures, and surprised Rebecca with a cake. We frosted her nose too!

I will miss them alot!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Preparing and Missionaries

Lat night, there was a missionary meeting in Clinton. , Kyle, Liam and I went, and Ryan stayed home with my sister Rebecca. There was an encouraging word of ministry and a report on the work in Panama. I am a bit ashamed to say that I had not even consciously realized that Panama was a whole country and not just a canal! So, anyway, Ross Vanstone is down there starting a work. He said it is a slow work, but it is steadily growing and people are getting saved, which is fabulous! It was nice to see Ross again and hear about what he is doing in Panama.

I am having a get together at my house on Saturday. Sort of an open house, since Mom and Rebecca are here, so people can come say Hi and have a hot dog or whatever. Funny how a simple plan like that can be so much work! So many people want to help, which I so appreciate, but I am having a hard time accepting help. I have been self- sufficient for so long now I forget what it is like to be having people offer their assistance! I even have a photographer coming to take some photos of Mom with her grandkids, sister and bros, etc. I am just praying for no rain that day! Last year in May we had TWO rainy days. TWO. and this year, I have barely seen the sun the whole month hahaha.

Mom with some of her grandkids:

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Woah, I have been BUSY!! Company galore, and loving every minute of it. I have my two sisters here today, so ALL of the cousins are together today :) All 8 of them! It is so much fun!

We're making a Korean supper~ dongas, chap chae and rice~ which for this many people is quite a chore. There is alot of chopping etc involved, and it is very time consuming, but quite worth the work. I can't wait till it's ready!

I just grabbed a few spare minutes to come on here and blog before I forgot what has happened in the past bit!

~ the boys started soccer last night

~ Wally got a summer shave

~ mowed the lawn for the first time last friday. (needs doing again :)

~ Emma fell asleep on me the first time she met me :) and Rachel fell asleep on me today. Sleeping babies= happiness

~ Madalyn saw a pic of a millipede and squeeled "ooh gustin' "

~ Betta fish died