Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Budding Chef

Kyle loves to cook. He asks almost every day if he can make supper, which I am happy for him to do, but not every day! He helped with supper last night. We made champ, which I'd never had before (It was really yummy) sausages and cabbage. We also baked some soda bread. Kyle's job was peeling the potatoes, which he was very careful at and got every bit of peel off. He also cut his thumb, poor lil man! That's part of being a chef, though. you will get cut every now and then. He actually took a cooking class, and says he wants to take more. He reads cookbooks for fun, and the other day when we went to the bookstore, the book he picked was a company's coming cookbook.

I am glad he loves it, because so many people go through life and never find something they really enjoy doing!

Random pic: waiting for spring


Amy said...

That is so cool about Kyle's budding career! Kids are awesome!

Celinoooo said...

What is champ Kim?
Sounds yummy!