Thursday, July 30, 2009


uggh... it started off yesterday just after noon,with the vision going. I can only see half, in a fuzzy way, then the pounding came, behind my left eye. It was the worst it's ever been~ lasting well into today. I am still kind of dizzy and blah from it. I hope this never happens again!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Missing: one warm, sunny season

Has someone stolen summer? It's July 28th, and only 22C. This summer has been about 10 degrees cooler than usual and very rainy. After a summer of record rain last year, a long cold snowy winter, and a virtually non-existant spring, I was so looking forward to a beautiful summer! I actually LOVE the temperatures this summer to be honest, but this grey, dull sky and rain every day is REALLY getting to me. I'd like some sunshine!
beyond my own want of some sun, the crops are doing rather poorly. They were late getting in, because of the rainy cold spring, and then there have been no really warm days to encourage them along. Sweet corn barely knee high in some places, cattle corn only shoulder height when it should be tall and have cobs already. winter wheat still only just turning brown, instead of already dried and harvested. Hay sitting in fields, too wet to bale.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Run Ragged

what a week it was! I had my nephew and niece over for the week, and neighbour kids every day, and we did fun things each day! We went swimming, picnicing, fishing, to a farm, on a wagon ride along the Thames, for a hike across a train bridge, picking raspberries and wild blackberries, had a pizza party, and visited with friends. I had such a great time, and I hope they did as well!

Friday, July 17, 2009

5 boys and a dog

Today started out with the sun brightly shining, a breeze sweetly blowing and the heat bugs buzzing. Everything is lush now, mid- summer green. The three boys and I decided to take a walk down to the bridge (about two kms there) I love to walk with my guys and see the wonders they find along the way~ an orange "fire stone", a tiny white and pink flower, absolutely perfect in it's design. Clusters of snapdragons, their orange tongues just begging to be stuck out!
as we walked along, I couldn't get over at the beauty all around me, right here on my road. Brown fields of wheat,the kernels bending the stalks in their plump ripeness. The deep, rustling greens of the cornfield, whispering as we walked by. A hawk wheeled in the sky above, a white butterfly fluttered by, followed by two more, settling on a tangle of purple sweetpea.
We reached the bridge, and the three boys and the dog went down to muck about in the river, catching crayfish and cushies. Throwing lots of rocks, which Wally tried to catch in mid- river!
Time to head back, we were greeted by a neighbour boy, inviting us to come up to the farm and visit. The six boys (my three, their three)jumped in the pool, while I visited with the parents. I ended up heading back home with two extra boys!
The ditches here are filled to overflowing with wild raspberries, and I could smell their tart sweetness the whole way. The five boys started picking, and cleaning all the bushes as we went along. Wally was worried about them being in the ditch, so I let him go. It turned out he wasn't so worried about them, but that HE WASN'T GETTING ANY RASPBERRIES!!!! Seriously! He went directly to the bushes and started picking raspberries with his TEETH! I wish I'd brought my camera, because I can hardly believe it myself, but he honestly was picking and eating individual raspberries, right off the bush.
It took us over an hour to go about a kilometer, but that's just fine, I loved being out in the sun, with five boys and a dog!

Monday, July 6, 2009

The garden

Things are starting to really grow now, after a slow start due to a very long chilly spring!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Weight Loss update

Here's a before, when I had just started to lose weight (you have NO IDEA how ashamed I am of that picture) and another taken in april. I haven't lost any since than, but I haven't gained any either. I still am hoping to drop 15 more lbs.

Camping Pictures

We went camping at Presqu'ile park, and here are a few snaps from that trip