Sunday, March 30, 2008

Liam is almost 8!

How is that possible? people always said to me "enjoy them while they are young, because it doesn't last long" and I just thought to myself, " these diapers have lasted too long already, I can't wait till they are in school etc etc" now I realize what those people meant. My baby, my last son, is turning 8 this week. 8 years ago, I was ripe as a melon and ready to burst. In fact, in 2000, this day (March 30) was a thursday, and I was sitting at my kitchen table doing a puzzle, having contractions. I thought for *sure* this was it, but no, after a few hours, they went away. I was due on the 28th, but Liam had other plans.

During my entire pregnancy, I told G that this baby was going to be born on his birthday. G insisted that no, his birthday was HIS, and he wasn't sharing it (not serious, of course!) So, my due date came and went, and the days crept closer to G's birthday. On the morning of April 3rd, I had an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed that our boy was in fact, still a boy, estimated to be about 6 lbs, give a pound either way. However, it also showed that there was no amniotic fluid left, so we needed to get this lil guy out!

I walked out of the ultrasound room around 1:30 pm, and started having contractions. Liam was born naturally at 8 something that evening (I know, bad Mom, I should know what time he was born. It is written down in his meticulously kept baby book lol) weighing 10lbs, 8.5oz. yes, you read that right, ten pounds, eight point five ounces. So, G got a lovely present that year, and now shares his birthday with his son.

who is turning EIGHT years old this week. (and has chocolate on his face in this picture)


Anonymous said...

And I was there to meet him! :)

Celinoooo said...

Are you serious? 8 years old already? Sheesh! Times goes by too fast!
Oh and I had no idea Liam and G shared a birthday! How neat! :)