Monday, June 16, 2008

Liam's wish

Liam's wish is a full scottish kilt outfit. He's been asking for a few years for this now, but kilts are pretty dear, and just not very practical. Soo, about a month ago, G and I were at an auction, when this wool handmade very old kilt came up for auction. G bid on it, and won it for not very much money at all! Liam was thrilled about it. It's miles too big, but it'll fit him someday LOL we improvised for the rest of the outfit, and he was laughing so hard at his "sporran"~ a persian cat webkinz.


David said...

I can understand Liam's wish to own a kilt, and yes your right they are not inexpensive.

I would have to take issue with you when you say that they are not very practical.

In my experience they are very versatile and practical.

I loved your improvisation with the sporran, very clever.

One little bit of advice, the pleats always go to the back, Liam has the kilt on backwards.

If he would like any further information on kilts, or their accessories, he can have a look at my site.

Its at

I hope Liam has many happy hours wearing his kilt.

Kind Regards,


Sassy_Canuk said...

Thanks David :) By not very practical I just mean for the amount of money that they cost, it isn't a practical choice to buy him one, since he wouldn't have many places to wear it outside of the house and a few scottish festivals each year :)
I will take a look at your website!
and I realized after I took the pic he was wearing it backwards rofl!

Celinoooo said...

LOL! I love this pic of Liam!
The look on his face is totally priceless! ^^