Sunday, March 16, 2008


It is Sunday. and what a gorgeous day it is! a bit windy and chilly, but the SUN was out all day, something I have greatly missed this long snowy winter. Silly me, I had said to G last summer "I wish our boys could experience a REAL winter, you know, one with snow? where they can go sledding?" well, we got it. and way more than I wanted or expected! There is some driveway showing through the snow now, though, so I know that spring is coming.

I bought some "healthy" cereal while grocery shopping. I mean, I usually try to buy the healthier cereals for the boys anyway, (no capn crunch or count chocula here) but this stuff claimed to be extra healthy, you know, probiotics, fibre, all that jazz with "fruits and yogurt".I just tried it, an all I have to say is


As I am typing this, I can hear Liam playing with his toys. He is using a french accent and mixing french words in while he plays. It's pretty neat to hear what his brothers are teaching him! He is playing with lego men and their conversation is going something like this:

"I am a storm hawk!"

"Non! C'est impossible!"

"But Oui, I really am!"

and so on and so forth. ( I love hearing the imagination in his playing)

Random pic: Kyle and the Easter bunny


Anonymous said...

Haha on the cereal. I bought a yummy kind and it is the healthy kind. Cant remember the name of it right now.