Thursday, February 28, 2008

Making Pizza

Something my Mother always used to do with us was making pizza. She'd make the dough, and put it in a pie plate, and have all the toppings ready to go, and we'd "decorate" our own pizza. We loved those times. So, today, I did it with my boys. I made the dough, and got the toppings ready, and the boys spread their dough

then, they added the sauce.

added the toppings,

and into the oven they went. oh, the wait! they thought it just took forever, and they couldn't wait for their pizzas to be done! But they did get done, and the boys were so proud of their finished products!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Getting Active

I am no active. at all. I am not sure when that happened. G and I used to do alot of active things. We walked, swam, skated, climbed a few mountains, hiked, and in general did alot more. I am missing those active things! I am pondering the idea of finding a pair of CC skis so I can take advantage of the hundreds of acres of fields that surround my house. I could put some music in my MP3 player and go.

after skating on friday evening, where I only did three laps of the rink, my thighs were a titch sore on saturday! That's really bad!

It really IS easier to be sedentary. Easier to be on the computer, or reading a book, but I need to push myself and get outside my comfort zone and get active.

The wicked snowstorm we were forecast to get never materialized. Just a light dust of snow.I am so glad! I am quite ready for some warmer weather. Maybe I should just go to Cuba haha.

Random Pic: Madalyn and Rachel

Monday, February 25, 2008

So sad

Last night after meeting, we were coming home on the 401 highway, and BAM traffic stopped. we crawled at mostly 4kms/ph for about 35 kms, where the traffic was routed off the highway. It was very obviously a serious crash ahead.

The kids were complaining about being in the car so long, but G and I tried encouraging, telling them we should pray for the people in the crash, instead of complaining, since someone was likely either in very serious condition or had been ushered out into eternity.

We finally arrived home around 1am, where we turned on the news and found it had indeed been a crash, a fiery one. Two people lost their lives, as the car they were in had hit a petrolium tanker head on and immediately caught fire. The driver of the tanker was taken to hospital, but is alright.

We had a bit of a rough weekend here, family wise. Every day when the boys get home from school, they are asked if they have homework, and if they do, they get on it right away. Not this weekend! Ryan had three pages of multiplication, which he "forgot" about until yesterday afternoon. Kyle had three pages to write on a report about the great lakes which he "forgot" until Ryan remembered HIS homework. Then, they dawdled around and didn't do their work, so they both are grounded.

Then, I found the homework Liam "forgot" this morning when I packed his backpack. *sigh*

I am so not a fan of homework in the first place, since I figure that the kids do enough work all day at school that when they come home, it is family time. But when it is three pages each and they "forget" about it, well, not so much fun. When they were being homeschooled they were so fast about doing their work usually!

We went skating on Friday, and the boys had a blast. We really should do it more often!

Random pic: Liam skating haha

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Yesterday was the very first official family day in Ontario. We just stayed home and tidied up, mostly. Well, ok, Ryan and Kyle played legos and Liam did paper crafts in the living room while G and I tidied. Then we headed out to Cambridge, since they are having Gospel meetings there with David Oliver and Marvin Derkson. We hope to go tonight as well, if the roads are good. It's a long long drive, but the meeting last night was really good so worth the drive. The road was so icy last night, and scary. We were doing 10-18kms p/h on the 401~ and passing people. There were so many accidents and people in the ditch it was phenominal. The wind picked up and was making whiteouts, and we were sure the meeting would be cancelled, but it wasn't. Liam loves to sing, and does so, loudly. He sure had some comments at Cambridge last night. I hope he keeps it up and doesn't get self conscious!
random pic:

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Busy Busy

It's been so busy for me the past few days! On Friday, G took the day off work, so we did a bit of shopping and went chinese for lunch. There was a sing at a nursing home in the evening, which was a great time. The kids really had fun, and so did G and I.
Saturday I got up early and headed out to the Bachert's meat shop to get a few things, ended up having a tour. It is a very nice abbatoir, big, bright and clean. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and I was OK to drive, since the roads were clear. I am so not a fan of driving when the conditions are not perfect. So I got home, pulled in the driveway, and STUCK. The wind had drifted our driveway full of snow again. We were supposed to be at Cindy's house around 11, but we had a very hard time getting unstuck. Some men who live in the area were heading out hunting and very kindly pulled us out of our own driveway *blush*. Where would we be without the kindness of others? Thank you so much, hunter men!
So, we got on the road, and I found out that we had to drive to G's work to get a clock for G's brother. I wasn't very happy about that, since we were already late. I would not have gone to the meat shop if I had known we would have to go a full hour south before heading north. Any way, six and a hald one dozen of the other, we FINALLY made it to Cindy's house. She fed us yummy food, and then we went skating. Madalyn's first time!
She loved it and didn't to leave. Then we went bowling, where I was thoroughly beaten by most on both games. It was a fun time and I enjoyed seeing the babies again.
This morning, we had freezing rain, so meeting was cancelled. I had a nap, and I guess I needed it, because I slept for a few hours. After meeting tonight, there was a sing, and it was so much fun. Liam was not behaving very well, so we left before alot of people, though.
Random pic: Madalyn's first time skating

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Career day

Today is career day at my boy's school.

Ryan wanted to know how to dress as someone who designs computer games, so he went in his regular clothes.

Kyle wants to be a chef, so he went in his regular clothes, because we have no chef's clothes.

Liam wants to be a doctor, but we have no doctor clothes.

so all three of them had to go in their regular clothes hahaha.

Yesterday we got another snowstorm. G got home from work, turned into the driveway, a STUCK. he was out there a few hours in the blizzardy weather, -20 or so, trying to get the car further into the driveway so the plow didn't hit it. No success. I was out there trying to help for awhile, but no luck. so, we covered the back window with a board and a blanket so the plow didn't break the window, and this morning the farmer G works for in the early mornings came and pulled the car out and plowed our driveway. *Thanks, Gary!* We certainly aren't used to living in the snow belt! We were so spoiled living on the Niagara Peninsula where there is quite mild weather in comparison. The snow was knee deep last night so shoveling was a chore, especially when the wind was blowing it right back in as soon as you shoveled LOL.

The sun is out full force and shining today, and is really lovely!

Random Photo:

Monday, February 11, 2008

Shacky Whacky

It's official, I am SHACKY WHACKY!!!!! I did not go anywhere this weekend, because we had quite the winter weather. Saturday was just a lazy home day. Sunday morning, I looked outside, and said "Uhhh, honey? maybe you'd better see if you can get out of the driveway before I get the kids ready for meeting!" so, he went out, and after a bit came back in and said "we aren't going anywhere! It's complete whiteouts out there" and gospel meeting was cancelled, so I didn't go anywhere Sunday either.

There was no school today, so the boys and I have been here in the house all day. They've been quite well behaved, thanks to the new computer game G installed on Ryan's pc! They've been taking turns playing, and watching each other play. It's a pretty neat game.

I needed something sweet today, so in keeping with my trying to loose weight, I made caramel popcorn hahahaha. Cut the recipe in half, so double the airpopped popcorn to cover, less sweet, but enough to make me feel like I had candy. It's really hard to lose the chips, pepsi, candy etc!

Random pic: Baby the cat

Friday, February 8, 2008

Photo Friday

Kyle, age 9

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sunny Day and wet basement

Like the title says, today was so nice! It was good to see the sun again. The temperature was -6, so a bit chilly, but I didn't go outside much today. I stayed inside and cleaned my living room. I actually washed my curtains, and hung up a few new ones on windows that were curtainless. They look great! In the process of looking for my curtains, I discovered that my basement is quite flooded. I am very rarely down there, so I have no idea how long it has even been flooded. but there are several inches of water over the entire floor. Good thing we don't have anything down there It is a very old stone basement and I find it rather oogy!

Random pic: I don't remember if I took this or my sister Cindy did. Big Island, Nova scotia

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Banana Cream Pie

Today, the boys came home from school in a great mood. They all wanted a snack, so it was open season on the kitchen LOL. They are really getting good at cleaning up their mess, so I was quite surprised to see that one of them (I know who, but he'll remain nameless) had taken a sharp knife and slashed the three bananas that were sitting on the counter :(. Sooo, instead of letting them go to waste, I made Banana cream pie! and while I was on a roll, I made a lemon merangue one as well. They are sitting on my counter, calling me, but I am ignoring them hahaha. I haven't been baking as much as I usually do in winter, simply because I am not in a baking mood.
Liam has been reading up a storm! He really is motivated to get the next level prize at school for the # of books he's read. The students are rewarded at certain levels ie. 10 books, 25 books, 50 books etc. So he has been wanting to read alot.

random picture: my extra special niece Madalyn:

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

7 girlies

There are 7 girls in my family. 8, if you count my Mom! I am the oldest of four girls, and I have three nieces. When I was a wee baby, I had a blue dress given to me. My Mom had my picture taken in it at 6 months old, as well as my sisters', so we all have a "blue dress" picture. My nieces have had their pictures taken in it as well. Here is a picture of all of us in the blue dress.
in order, me, Cindy, Jennifer, Rebecca, Madalyn, Rachel, Emma

Monday, February 4, 2008

wow, Monday :D

Ryan, in the intensive care unit, just a few days old:

Ryan, loving life!

The time sure has flown by!Seems like last week that he was gooing and eating gerber carrots. Now he's 11. It's true what people say when they tell you teh years go by so fast.
The boys had no school on Friday, due to a "snowstorm" that didn't occur here hahaha. They had some fun. They played with k'nex most of the day, although Liam watched alot of cartoons. We were invited out to supper, where we had an absolutely fabulous time! Grown up company, someone else cooked the meal, and a baby. What more could I ask for? My boys played really well with their little girl and boy for hours while us grown ups chatted. (Ok, so I chattered~ I don't get much grown up conversation!)
Saturday, Arlene and I went to the bridal show. Lots of super ideas for the wedding~ and we found her dress! It is so nice. It's simple, but elegant and suits her very well. Also found the bridesmaid's dress, which is a lovely bluey lilacy colour, with layers from the empire waist down, sort of form fitting, but also bulge hiding.
Sooo, after that, I was all determined to get fit, lose weight, and today, I have the munchies like a starving wolf. Uggh. BUT, I am being more active than usual, so maybe (snort) it'll balance out.
We went out for lunch, Arlene and I. I had a rockstar burner to drink, and take it from me, don't try one LOL. They are quite chemically and don't sit well. It's hard to know what to drink since I quit Pepsi! I don't care for juice, in general, don't like hot drinks, so it pretty much leaves pop and water. Guess Water is my new best friend!
Ryan is home from school today, since it's his 11th birthday. My baby is 11 :|