Monday, March 24, 2008

random thoughts

Laundry is never ending. I will love it when I can use the clothesline again.

This is a long winter. Some warm weather would be highly appreciated, until it is +35 and I am melting and want winter back.

some people have too much time and money. G went to wal-mart at 9am to pick up some white chocolate bunnies for baking, and ALL the easter stuff was gone.

gymboree grasshopper T shirts for boys at 4.99 is a great bargain!

mud is worse than snow, for washing.

boys are attracted to mud.

a boy covered in mud will usually always forget to take their boots off before getting themselves a drink.

boys grow up too fast and I will (someday) miss having to wash mud off the kitchen floor.

a 13 year old girl seems way older and bigger than an 11 year old boy. But it's only two years.

Random shot: lake Huron from the Blue Water bridge


Celinoooo said...

I love your random thought Kimmy! LOL
Oh and totally agreed about mud on the floor, you'll miss that once they're all grown up!