Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Been awile

I have been really slacking on this! I guess I've just been busy with the normal things that take up your time. We had a whomp of snow last night, so school was cancelled today. The driveway that I so carefully had shovelled on Saturday and Monday was chock full of snow again, so we just had it plowed, since the snow was over knee deep.

here it is getting plowed:

it isn't a great picture, because it was taken through a screen door. I am glad we have some cold weather again because I want to go skating on the rideau canal in Ottawa this weekend. We've had this planned for a few weeks now, but it depends if they open the canal up to skating again or not! If we can't do that, maybe we'll do the Monster truck rally in London, or something else that will be fun for the family.

random photo:

The tractor stuck in the ditch after plowing: