Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sunny Day and wet basement

Like the title says, today was so nice! It was good to see the sun again. The temperature was -6, so a bit chilly, but I didn't go outside much today. I stayed inside and cleaned my living room. I actually washed my curtains, and hung up a few new ones on windows that were curtainless. They look great! In the process of looking for my curtains, I discovered that my basement is quite flooded. I am very rarely down there, so I have no idea how long it has even been flooded. but there are several inches of water over the entire floor. Good thing we don't have anything down there It is a very old stone basement and I find it rather oogy!

Random pic: I don't remember if I took this or my sister Cindy did. Big Island, Nova scotia


Anonymous said...

Well I guess it was good thinking after all the you guys didnt put anything down there! Is it frozen?