Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Getting Active

I am no active. at all. I am not sure when that happened. G and I used to do alot of active things. We walked, swam, skated, climbed a few mountains, hiked, and in general did alot more. I am missing those active things! I am pondering the idea of finding a pair of CC skis so I can take advantage of the hundreds of acres of fields that surround my house. I could put some music in my MP3 player and go.

after skating on friday evening, where I only did three laps of the rink, my thighs were a titch sore on saturday! That's really bad!

It really IS easier to be sedentary. Easier to be on the computer, or reading a book, but I need to push myself and get outside my comfort zone and get active.

The wicked snowstorm we were forecast to get never materialized. Just a light dust of snow.I am so glad! I am quite ready for some warmer weather. Maybe I should just go to Cuba haha.

Random Pic: Madalyn and Rachel