Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Career day

Today is career day at my boy's school.

Ryan wanted to know how to dress as someone who designs computer games, so he went in his regular clothes.

Kyle wants to be a chef, so he went in his regular clothes, because we have no chef's clothes.

Liam wants to be a doctor, but we have no doctor clothes.

so all three of them had to go in their regular clothes hahaha.

Yesterday we got another snowstorm. G got home from work, turned into the driveway, a STUCK. he was out there a few hours in the blizzardy weather, -20 or so, trying to get the car further into the driveway so the plow didn't hit it. No success. I was out there trying to help for awhile, but no luck. so, we covered the back window with a board and a blanket so the plow didn't break the window, and this morning the farmer G works for in the early mornings came and pulled the car out and plowed our driveway. *Thanks, Gary!* We certainly aren't used to living in the snow belt! We were so spoiled living on the Niagara Peninsula where there is quite mild weather in comparison. The snow was knee deep last night so shoveling was a chore, especially when the wind was blowing it right back in as soon as you shoveled LOL.

The sun is out full force and shining today, and is really lovely!

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