Monday, February 11, 2008

Shacky Whacky

It's official, I am SHACKY WHACKY!!!!! I did not go anywhere this weekend, because we had quite the winter weather. Saturday was just a lazy home day. Sunday morning, I looked outside, and said "Uhhh, honey? maybe you'd better see if you can get out of the driveway before I get the kids ready for meeting!" so, he went out, and after a bit came back in and said "we aren't going anywhere! It's complete whiteouts out there" and gospel meeting was cancelled, so I didn't go anywhere Sunday either.

There was no school today, so the boys and I have been here in the house all day. They've been quite well behaved, thanks to the new computer game G installed on Ryan's pc! They've been taking turns playing, and watching each other play. It's a pretty neat game.

I needed something sweet today, so in keeping with my trying to loose weight, I made caramel popcorn hahahaha. Cut the recipe in half, so double the airpopped popcorn to cover, less sweet, but enough to make me feel like I had candy. It's really hard to lose the chips, pepsi, candy etc!

Random pic: Baby the cat