Monday, February 25, 2008

So sad

Last night after meeting, we were coming home on the 401 highway, and BAM traffic stopped. we crawled at mostly 4kms/ph for about 35 kms, where the traffic was routed off the highway. It was very obviously a serious crash ahead.

The kids were complaining about being in the car so long, but G and I tried encouraging, telling them we should pray for the people in the crash, instead of complaining, since someone was likely either in very serious condition or had been ushered out into eternity.

We finally arrived home around 1am, where we turned on the news and found it had indeed been a crash, a fiery one. Two people lost their lives, as the car they were in had hit a petrolium tanker head on and immediately caught fire. The driver of the tanker was taken to hospital, but is alright.

We had a bit of a rough weekend here, family wise. Every day when the boys get home from school, they are asked if they have homework, and if they do, they get on it right away. Not this weekend! Ryan had three pages of multiplication, which he "forgot" about until yesterday afternoon. Kyle had three pages to write on a report about the great lakes which he "forgot" until Ryan remembered HIS homework. Then, they dawdled around and didn't do their work, so they both are grounded.

Then, I found the homework Liam "forgot" this morning when I packed his backpack. *sigh*

I am so not a fan of homework in the first place, since I figure that the kids do enough work all day at school that when they come home, it is family time. But when it is three pages each and they "forget" about it, well, not so much fun. When they were being homeschooled they were so fast about doing their work usually!

We went skating on Friday, and the boys had a blast. We really should do it more often!

Random pic: Liam skating haha