Sunday, February 17, 2008

Busy Busy

It's been so busy for me the past few days! On Friday, G took the day off work, so we did a bit of shopping and went chinese for lunch. There was a sing at a nursing home in the evening, which was a great time. The kids really had fun, and so did G and I.
Saturday I got up early and headed out to the Bachert's meat shop to get a few things, ended up having a tour. It is a very nice abbatoir, big, bright and clean. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and I was OK to drive, since the roads were clear. I am so not a fan of driving when the conditions are not perfect. So I got home, pulled in the driveway, and STUCK. The wind had drifted our driveway full of snow again. We were supposed to be at Cindy's house around 11, but we had a very hard time getting unstuck. Some men who live in the area were heading out hunting and very kindly pulled us out of our own driveway *blush*. Where would we be without the kindness of others? Thank you so much, hunter men!
So, we got on the road, and I found out that we had to drive to G's work to get a clock for G's brother. I wasn't very happy about that, since we were already late. I would not have gone to the meat shop if I had known we would have to go a full hour south before heading north. Any way, six and a hald one dozen of the other, we FINALLY made it to Cindy's house. She fed us yummy food, and then we went skating. Madalyn's first time!
She loved it and didn't to leave. Then we went bowling, where I was thoroughly beaten by most on both games. It was a fun time and I enjoyed seeing the babies again.
This morning, we had freezing rain, so meeting was cancelled. I had a nap, and I guess I needed it, because I slept for a few hours. After meeting tonight, there was a sing, and it was so much fun. Liam was not behaving very well, so we left before alot of people, though.
Random pic: Madalyn's first time skating


Anonymous said...

LOL! Samuels first time skating too!!

Laura said...

I'm with you on the whole not excited about driving in crazy winter driving conditions! I don't mind some snow but when it's all drifting and making things down right awful it's not much fun to drive in.