Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Yesterday was the very first official family day in Ontario. We just stayed home and tidied up, mostly. Well, ok, Ryan and Kyle played legos and Liam did paper crafts in the living room while G and I tidied. Then we headed out to Cambridge, since they are having Gospel meetings there with David Oliver and Marvin Derkson. We hope to go tonight as well, if the roads are good. It's a long long drive, but the meeting last night was really good so worth the drive. The road was so icy last night, and scary. We were doing 10-18kms p/h on the 401~ and passing people. There were so many accidents and people in the ditch it was phenominal. The wind picked up and was making whiteouts, and we were sure the meeting would be cancelled, but it wasn't. Liam loves to sing, and does so, loudly. He sure had some comments at Cambridge last night. I hope he keeps it up and doesn't get self conscious!
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Laura said...

Hey there Sassy!! I love your blog! And I'm loving hearing about you and your family for a change, hahaha! I'd like to link you to my blog if you don't mind.