Thursday, January 17, 2008

Starting a blog

I wonder what this blog will contain when I am done. Probably alot of boring stuff and a bit of chaos as well! I wonder~ should I just blog about my family, or my beliefs, or society, news, the world? Will I keep it up, or will it be like so many projects, started and forgotten?
Guess for now, I'll just tell you about my daily life and observations.
This morning, I made red river cereal for breakfast. Ryan doesn't like it, so he had a healthy TV mom breakfast (haha) popcorn. Kyle and Liam gobbled their cereal up and wanted more. I wonder if they actually like the cereal or just the sugar and milk they put on it.
I have noticed that Ryan functions better and has a much nicer day when he is well rested and eats a large breakfast. There are less squabbles and he isn't as grumpy.
I am slowly catching up on the piles of laundry that somehow seem to accumulate when I miss a day. Funny how no laundry on Sunday can make all-day laundry for the other 6 days Who needs clean sheets anyway haha!
Don't really want to write more right now, so I suppose I'll give a shot at posting tomorrow!