Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Shoveling has taken it's toll~Ouch. I woke up this morning with stiff shoulders and sore muscles in my arms. Nothing like a bit of stiffness to make you appreciate a hot bath and free mobility :) The driveway didn't stay shovelled anyway, since it is still snowing and the wind picked up and filled it in. At least George was able to drive the car in after work last night! And I just think of all the calories I burned shoveling. maybe I should go shovel it again! I actually took a picture of how much snow we've gotten, but my usb port is being cranky, so perhaps later it will work and I can post the picture.

The Banana bread turned out, but a titch dry :( The only thing that rescued it was the chocolate chips and the fact that my children will eat almost anything sweet. Not really worth sharing the recipe, I am afraid!

I have four goldfish, three bronze and one fantail, which I really enjoy. Today, I noticed that one of the bronze looks a bit skinnier than usual, and the others are sort of picking on it, chasing it around the tank. I hope it is ok! I hope to build them an outdoor pond in the spring, so they can enjoy the outdoors :)