Saturday, January 19, 2008


It's cold today! We went tobogganing but the kids only went down the hill a few times each. Ryan was snowboarding, but he had a great wipe out at the bottom of the hill, and that was enough for him. The other two were pretty cold so, we drove to the nearest big town and hit Wal-mart, where we got Ryan some new meeting shoes. Got Liam a pair of slippers he's been wanting since before Christmas for only 3.00$ YAY! Ryan also spent the remainder of his Christmas money on a Roboraptor, so he and Kyle are playing with their robocreatures. (Kyle has a robopanda) They are really having some fun!
Baby the great huntress cat caught a mouse. Poor thing was squeaking and jumping,and I felt really badly for it, but I sure don't want mice in my house. Baby is a great mouse catcher and more than earns her keep. She's a lovey and sleeps on Liam's bed, if she can't get on mine.
Anyhoooo, It's been a looooong day, so I am off!