Friday, January 18, 2008

Pizza and Legos

Pretty uneventful day here yesterday. Ryan came home from school sick, and just laid on the floor in his jacket until I made him go to bed. He said he had a headache and noise bothered him. I hope he isn't getting migraines! He asked for Pizza for supper and since I was feeling a bit lazy I phoned hubby at work and asked him to grab a couple of cardboard pizzas on his way home, which he did. It was a nice change from the regular fare.
The boys have been playing with their Christmas lego alot, building different spaceships, pirate villages, and fighter planes. Liam asked me to help him re-build the lego set my Mom gave him for Christmas, which is pretty complicated. He had the main body built but needed help with the legs, so we sat on the floor and built the Venom striker together. Kyle was building a sheild for a fighter plane he built. He did a really good job! I am so pleased that they have imaginations~ way better than always whining about being bored. Then Liam read some books to me for his book log and he is reading very well. He sure has progressed a long way!
The oil man showed up yesterday, a day early. He put the oil in the tank and wow warm! It seems as if the lower the tank gets, the less effective our furnace is. I am so thankful we have a warm house this year~ we really are spoiled. I forget to be thankful alot.
I must end this now, as I have much to do today. :)
The Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost Luke 19:10