Monday, January 28, 2008

It's melting!

I know it is still January, and spring is still months away, but the temperature today had the snow melting and feeling a bit springy. The snow falling off the roof made me jump a few times, and Kyle laughed at me. He was home again today, but I think he is finally on the mend ~YAY!

The boys are quite wild today, so they are heading outside, despite their many and loud protests to burn off some energy. Mom needs some quiet!

Ryan and Kyle were just having a disagreement about whether something was wet or soggy. Ryan said "KYLE! soggy and wet are the same thing!" at which Kyle looked confused and replied "But, Ryan,I don't get soggy!"

I got a free cat food sample in the mail today, which I set on the sideboard by the front door. Ryan walked in the door, saw the package, and said "Mom, can i eat this?" and I told him only if he ate all of it....snickering to myself the whole time. He was so excited about the bag of candy until he realized it was cat food!

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