Saturday, January 26, 2008

Full Day

My, what a full day it has been! Today was the day that we celebrated Ryan's birthday. He wanted to have Indian buffet, but we couldn't find one in the area, so he settled for Chinese. It was such a selection, and it was hard to know what to try! The boys all had some calamari and sushi, yes, with raw fish! I stuck with the vegetable sushi. I don't think I could handle raw fish. Just the thought of it is yukky haha. They had a little birthday package there, which we got. It had them come sing Happy Birthday to Ryan, as well as a crown, balloon, cupcake with candle, and a picture of him in his fine crown.
Here's one I took of him:

After the Chinese food, we hit the movies. They had a wide selection that was child appropriate (can you hear my sarcasm here?) so we watched "The water horse" which was really a charming movie, and set in Scotland (be still my heart) with fabulous scenery and really great accents. It is interesting enough to hold the attention of children and adults, with no blood, guts, or swearing.

It was around 6 when we got out of the movie, and then we drove home in a light snow that was beautiful, but made the roads quite slippery, so we went slowly and made it home fine. Then, lo and behold, some kind person had plowed our driveway for us :) We just have a shovel and a long driveway ~well, it doesn't SEEM long, until you have to shovel it!~ so we've been huffing and puffing trying to keep it cleared so to see it plowed was a GREAT surprise! Especially since G had a small accident at work and burned his hand so shoveling would hurt, no doubt. I just stayed out there and shoveled the path and the porch, which was a nice quiet time for me.
Random shot:


Anonymous said...

I miss you guys so much.I was wondering if you would like some companie somwhere between May 1st and Augest?You'll never know when I coming.HAHAHAHA

Love Rebecca