Thursday, January 31, 2008

PA day

The boys are home today, since their school is having a PA day. So, we are playing with K'nex and I am trying to keep the squabbles to a minimum. It's a full time job LOL.

The sun is shining! It's gorgeous! Very bitterly frigidly cold, but beautiful. A front of Arctic air has covered a good deal of Canada, and sadly a few people have died as a result of it. Spring can't come fast enough! I am looking forward to getting my fingers into the soil and planting my garden. I can almost smell steaks on the barbecue and hear the baby birds peeping.

So it's bridal shoppes for me this weekend. My brother in law is getting married in June, so his fiance Arlene and I are going to go look at dresses and bridal stuff, so she can get an idea of what she is looking for. I do enjoy helping with weddings! I haven't been to many weddings in my lifetime, but I've had a great time at each wedding I've been at.
Random Pic: My adorable niece, Rachel Autumn


Anonymous said...

LOL Cant help but notice Rachels toe peeking out of her stocking. I guess madalyn got too much good use out of them LOL!