Thursday, January 24, 2008

Poor Guy

My poor Kyle is so sick. He came home from school yesterday with a black bag, which he'd been vomiting in all the way home :( He just stood at the end of the driveway and said in a weak whisper "Mom can you carry me?" awww it nearly broke my heart! So, I ignored the vomit covered coat and carried him inside, took off his coat and boots and tucked him in on the couch. (The coat went straight into the washer)

He is not vomiting today, but is still running a pretty good temp and says his head hurts. So I am giving him lots of drinks and loves! He hasn't lost his sence of humour, though. He keeps huffing at me and saying "haha Mom you are going to get my sickness from my sick breath" silly boy.

Ryan was quite sick last week, although he only had the fever and headache. He missed Monday, but insisted on going to school the rest of the week. Not bad for a child who abhorred school at his former school.

and just a random pictre that I took