Saturday, September 6, 2008

Little things

~ got TWO couch covers for the loveseat today at a yard sale (only 5$!), which match my existing couch and chair covers, so no more white sheet on the loveseat!

~ the boys spent a good portion of the day baking cookies and coffee cake in the easy bake oven with no argueing!

~ walked again today with G, the boys, and Wally. I hope we can keep this up!

~ I made Liam a "coonskin" cap today, which he has been wanting for aaaaaages- ever since we read "Where the red fern grows". He still wants a REAL one, but one made from funfur will do for now.

~ We had some cloud cover and rain and wind yesterday from Hurricane Gustav (ok, ok, so it was a storm depression by the time it reached us) but today was marvelously sunny and warm.

~ glo sticks make for really neat pictures


Anonymous said...

I miss you guys, I am going to cry... Come visit me next Saturday... HUGE garage sale at Mohawk college LOL!