Tuesday, September 30, 2008


As I am sure most people who read my blog know, I had a cat called Baby. I say most, because most people who read it actually know me and therefore would know all about Baby going missing.

She is not home, although we did have one episode where we THOUGHT she came home. We drove in our yard after dark and saw an orange tabby and assumed it was Baby. It may have been, but if it was her, she's a scaredy cat and ran away from us and did not show herself again. That doesn't seem like our friendly attention seeking pet Baby. I miss her terribly, but I think I have faced the fact that she probably isn't coming home.

Yesterday, I went out to feed our fish, and saw a grey shaggy lump on the lawn. I wasn't sure if it was alive or just a bit of a log, but I meowed at it, and it meowed back, loudly! It was a small grey and black kitty, probably about 4 months old, and very very skinny. I talked to her and she talked back, but she was pretty nervous, and any advance I made toward her was met with frantic meowing and a retreat into the corn field.

I brought her out some food, which she grew brave enough to come and eat, and she let me touch her briefly!

I am *pretty* sure it's a girl, but I didn't get close enough to actually check. I hope I can tame her and bring her into the warm house. If she's actually a she, her name is Ginny, after the little girl wildcat in the James Herriott book "James Harriott's cat stories". If she's a boy, his name will be Ollie!

Having said that, who knows if I will ever see the poor skinny little thing again. I hope she enjoyed her meal, and it helped her out a bit!


Celine said...

Awww I hope Ginny can find a home with you guys! Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

I want to see more pictures of her!! Did Baby actually come home now?? Madalyn says she is going to find Aunt Kims cat again LOL!