Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Canvas shoes

Liam got some canvas shoes for school. He keeps asking me "are you SURE these are 8 year old's shoes?" We got his in the US, and no other kids in his class are wearing them. He's seen teenagers wearing them, but no kids his age.

Because nobody else in his school is wearing them, he is unsure about them. He loved them when he saw them and tried them on and was pretty excited about them. I hope that he can get over his "peer pressure" anxiety and just wear them because he loves them! He has camo ones for out door use and a spider pair for indoors at school. His camo pair is like these, except green with no red stripe. I think they are pretty cute on him (can I say that about an 8 year old boy? cute?) and Liam has always been his own unique person and worn what he likes so it makes me a bit sad that at only 8 he's worried if the other kids are wearing the same things. Ryan and Kyle both got regular sneakers that they are happy with, so no worries there!


Anonymous said...

I think they are nice! Them seem like the type that suit him. Pooh on his classmates LOL!