Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kyle's birthday and what he wants

It's actually over a month away, but I know I need to plan something. He's desperate for cash, since he's opened a bank acct and is saving for ................. a lawn tracter. yes, honestly, a lawn tracter. I have no trouble giving him cash for his bday, but should I have a party? would it be rude to put on the invites "no presents, please, but donations to the Kyle's lawn tracter fund accepted"?

He's also said that he wants a firebelly toad, which are small and fairly easy to care for. They can live in a 10g aquarium, which would be just fine for one toad. This is probably a far more practical gift for him, but he wants both!He wants a lawn tracter sooo badly b/c we went camping at a friend's house, where they had a lawn tracter. They have a farm with lots of different tracters etc, and Kyle was allowed to drive the lawn tracter for hours! He LOVED it, and I think he's finally found something he is into besides bugs/ reptiles/ amphibians. I am NOT buying him one, even if I COULD buy him one (those suckers are WAY expensive!) but if he wants to save his moola and buy one I have no objections. He did a fabulous job of driving, and when he was allowed to go into third gear you should have seen his head swell