Saturday, July 5, 2008

Scottish festivals and Family stuff

We wen to the Embro Highland games on Tuesday for Canada day. Well, Liam, Kyle and I did. We had a great time, but I forgot my camera in the car, which was with G and Ryan, so no pictures :(.

The boys got to help shear a sheep with a 100 year old sheep shearing device, which looked much like the one seen here but with a hand crank. They got to put the wool in a huge sack, and keep a bit as well as had a bracelet made from the wool. The man shearing said it really wasn't worth keeping sheep, because one sheep produces about 8-9 lbs of wool, and wool is only worth 15 cents a pound. Kind of sad, because when we purchase something made of pure wool, it is waaaay more than .15 a pound ha ha. The man also told the children to pat the sheared sheep, and told them that the oil they felt on their hands is what made the sheep worth keeping, since companies make skin creams and such with that oil.

Today, Kyle, Liam and I went to the Kincardine Scottish Festival. Where my camera would not even turn ON, although this time I remembered to bring it! It worked perfectly fine after the festival, though. Ryan and G don't enjoy the festivals like we do, so they go off and do their own thing. Liam was thrilled that we found a discount booth , where he got a "real" Scottish bow tie for only twenty five cents! So, he was wearing his "kilt" (a thrift store kilt, not the one in the other post), his "sporran" (a leather indian pouch) a dress shirt, tall socks, dress shoes, his bow tie and a black eBay sunhat. Quite a picture he made! In fact, he made SUCH a picture, that I was approached by a woman from Ontario Power asking if she could use him as a model!! She took a few shots of him grinning his big tooth missing grin by the Ontario Power booth and I had to sign some release forms.

We tried the cabre toss, where Kyle had HIS picture taken by a photographer from the newspaper, so he'll be in the paper. I got toasty burned, and oh so tired, but had a great time, although someone stole our money within the first five minutes. I was pretty upset about that, because I only had that cash and nothing else, for drinks and such while we were there. I am just sooo thankful that there was only money in that pocket, and nothing important like drivers licenses or something!!

On the way home, we stopped in Goderich for some beach time. It was gorgeous out and the boys had fun splashing and throwing rocks.


Celinoooo said...

YAY! Looks like the boys had tons of fun!
That makes me want to take a swim too! :)

Mia said...

The water looks so clear and inviting! I'm sure your sons had fun! :)