Sunday, July 20, 2008

Plums, Plums, everywhere

Sometimes, I am downright asking for trouble. When I did my grocery shopping, I saw bags and bags of overripe plums in the discount bin. So, Smart me, little miss domestic dreamer, thinks "Oh, I'll make plum preserves!" and I procede to load my cart with two big bags of lovely red plums.

FFWD to late at night, and I was still in the kitchen, ladleing out plum jam and heavy syrup into preserving jars, screwing on lids, and waiting for those "POPS" that mean the jar has sealed.

and the cleanup, oh, the cleanup! somehow, little red spots of jam were EVERYWHERE!! But I finally finished, and cleaned it all up, and now the jam looks so pretty, all lined up in the sparkly jars. I hope this does not lead to other moments of insanity, when I see the beets in season, or the pickling cucumbers......


Celine said...

Well done Kim!
You're brave! I couldn't have done that! LOL
I'm sure it'll taste great too! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Your picture looks like one out of a magazine! Do I get to try some when I come over??!