Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Fascinating subject, I know, but it's on my mind at the moment, so here we go. My hand mixer died a few months ago. It had been a wedding gift, and lasted many years and served me well. it was similar to this, but this isn't the one I had:

So, when mine finally bit the dust, my Mom bought me one at a thrift store, which whirred away beautifully until you put the beaters in the batter. Then, dead still. not a single turn would come out of that mixer. I am now mixer less, with the exception of a TRUE hand mixer! I found an old egg beater at a yard sale, it's a true antique, much like this one in style, but with a red wooden handle and turning knob.

It's great for beating eggs, but forget cake or anything else.Eggs turn out beautifully light and frothy and tasty when I use it, but cakes, well, it requires far much more effort than I feel a cake is worth hahaha.

I am dreaming of a lovely red or pink Kitchen Aid mixer, which would magically whip up dozens of chocolate chip cookies, wooden spoon and arm strength free, make pastry without worry, and spew out cake batters at an alarming rate. I've been looking at them online and daydreaming about how lovely one would look on my kitchen counter, and forgetting that they cost hundreds of dollars and the practicality in my case just isn't there, for the amount I would use it. I just look at how pretty it is and and say "I want, I want".

However, I know the reality will be that I'll go to Zellers and find one that is reasonably priced and use it for the next 15 years or so, which will turn out cakes and cookies that taste just as delicious as if I'd made them in a sleek, shiny, expensive mixer.

maybe I'll find a pink one.