Thursday, July 31, 2008

Making a Kilt

I attempted to make Liam a kilt today. I hauled out the fabric, which my sister had gotten for me at a yard sale some years ago. It's Royal Stewart, which anyone can wear, regardless of your family or clan. I was nervous to try it, because I haven't ever made a Kilt before, but I figured I could try, at least!

I used my handy dandy measuring system. (red yarn, cut to size for his waist, hips, and length)

Liam and Wally were both, for some reason, completely excited that I was doing this project. Ryan and Kyle were most insistent that they did NOT want a "skirt" made for them LOL. They did watch each step with great interest, though.

Wally was a bit a of a nuisance, sitting on the fabric, rucking up my carefully ironed pleats and hem. Maybe he recognized his Scottish heritage in the red tartan fabric. Maybe he wanted his own wee kilt or something. Maybe I'll make him a scarf to match Liam when I am done. Liam took some of the leftover fabric and wore it like a great kilt, just wrapped around and fastened with a belt, as you can see in the picture of him pretending to iron the hem.

I hand sewed the hem, which took about an hour. I made a 3 inch hem, with 3 inches tucked up under, so as he grows taller it can be let down, at least 6 inches, which I highly doubt he would ever need. I also doubled the under apron for extra pleats as he grows. (There's Wally "helping" again) this is when I had a few pleats hand sewn in:

I made 18 1 inch pleats, which I am VERY happy with, but even though I narrowed the waist as I sewed, it still is too loose on him, and I am not quite happy with how it fits him, so I will play with it some more, but for all intents and purposes, it is finished. It took about 3 1/2 or 4 hours, start to finish, hand sewed, no pattern. The waist slides down on him, as you can see, even though I added an extra 1/2 pleat, so maybe a touch of elastic in the waistband will help. (hidden well, of course)

I am quite happy with the pleats, though. They are flat and even and hang nicely.


Anonymous said...

Samuel said 'Is he a girl mom?' Nice job! Love the back of it!

Celine said...

I love it!!
Grrreat job Kimmy!!!