Sunday, June 8, 2008


Not by me, thankfully. I would not sleep for the next year, if one came near me! One touched down, about 20 mins away, and we've been under a warning since about 5 pm. Here is what the sky looked like here after the first part of the storm went through:

The boys thought it was just grand, and set out jars to see how much rain there was. I don't know technical inches or anything, but trust me when I say alot of rain came down in a short amount of time. The sky went black, and the rain was going sideways, and the fields were flooded.

I love the after effects of rain, though. Like my flower garden!

If anyone knows what the dark leafy plant is, I'd love to know! It is a low bush like plant, which grows back every year, and each leaf has it's own stem. I am a novice gardener, although I enjoy it, I don't know much about it.

The guys camped out last night. They pitched Liam's tent in the backyard and watched a movie on the portable DVD player and slept outside, even though it rained for awhile. But imagine my embarrassment when I had sleeping children in morning meeting! I suppose it was not the height of wisdom to let them have a camp out the night before church. They woke up in time for sunday school, though, and knew their verses and answered questions and everything.

Ok I am done now!


Melanie said...

Hey there - your dark leafy plant appears to be a heuchura - see here for details: