Thursday, June 5, 2008

Icky Weather

I am not so sure I like the weather in this neck of the woods! Where I lived before, on the Niagara Peninsula, the climate was much more temperate. We didn't get much snow in the winter, and the summer, well, there was about a week of unbearable mugginess, but mostly pretty nice. Here, well, we had four feet of snow, all winter long, with howling winds, and no spring to speak of! We jumped from snow to rain and now muggy, muggy, gross heat that makes you feel like you have a layer of glue on your skin and your clothes feel damp all the time. Guess I am just a spoiled easterner who likes her cool, salty- breezed summers. I miss it terribly! I know it is silly, but I feel guilty that my children are the first in my family to be raised outside of NS on one side of my family since 1789. I wish there was good work there and reasonable prices~ so many of us easterners would still BE easterners, if there was a good place to earn a living there. I did the Alberta thing, before Alberta was so popular, and I HATED Alberta. It was big, empty, new, and the city was horribly big and foreign to me. I didn't like the rude people in the shopping malls, or the smell of the pollution, or how busy and expensive everything was. I prefer my country living near a small, slow paced town, thank you! I am REALLY homesick right now, and would pack everything up and sell it all and go home, if common sense didn't tell me that is really a ridiculous idea LOL People ask me why I want to go back, and I can't explain it. It's just home for me. I figure, most everyone, all over Canada is struggling to get by, I might as well struggle to get by in a place I love and is dear to me.


Anonymous said...

What!??? You didnt like that 33 degrees temps here todaY!??? Someone please remind me WHY I dont like summer?