Thursday, June 12, 2008


Laundry is one ofthose never ending chores. I don't too much mind laundry, and I do like hanging it out on the clothesline. I love the smell of bed sheets in spring, after a long winter of using the dryer. The bed smells so good, and fresh when the sheets come in from the line.

I average about four loads a day, but if I skip a day it gets out of control. Like today :p I was not at my best yesterday, so I only did a couple of loads, and today for some reason I decided that all the bed sheets need washing. Silly me haha. It's a brisk day, with a stiff wind blowing, so they are drying quickly, but it is a chore to get them hung on the line, for sure!

I try to use the line as much as possible. I used it into December last year, and again in March this year. It has been raing so much that I am not getting my full use this year, though!
This is March:
I just don't like putting the laundry away. I fold it and sort it, and put it in piles on the back of the couch, where everyone is *supposed* to put away their own piles, but they usually don't. So about 98 of the time, I have piles of laundry on the back of my couch hahaha


Celinoooo said...

You're brave Kimmy!
How about the ironing?? LOL