Friday, May 16, 2008

Train up a child in the way he should go

I've been thinking on Proverbs 22:6 lately. What does it mean? Does it mean teach them to be honest, caring, hard working? I am sure it does, but also it means teach them how to live for Christ as well. This is a HARD job, especially when I have been running away from it for so many years now. My parents trained me in the way, but I thought I had a better way, my own way. I pushed God away. I ignored him and "did my own thing" , but it didn't make me happy, or fulfilled, or settled. My salvation was complete,finished, and could not be removed, but my joy was not there and I was very empty. I searched for something, anything to fill that void, but nothing worked. Then a not very nice event happened in my life, which opened my eyes and made me realize what my parents taught me was TRUE! Only Christ can truly satisfy. Only Christ fills that emptiness inside. Family can't fill it. New clothes, cars, bigger houses can't fill it. Church can't fill it. Business can never fill that aching, empty void. I hope that what G and I teach our children will stay with them, that they will know their sins forgiven at a young age, and know the comfort of a secure eternity in Heaven.

Today was REALLY busy. got the boys off to school, then G and I headed out to Toronto, since he's on vacation for a whole week now! We went to some antique stores, and had lunch at McDonalds ( how romantic haha). We went to St Jacobs, shakespeare and Stratford, checked out a few more antique stores. Then we headed home, grabbed the boys off the bus, and went to St Mary's and had some fries and gravy from a chip truck. Back home to change, and then off to a sing at an old age home, and a visit with some friends of ours after. So a VERY busy day, and I am knackered out!


Anonymous said...

Ok, so now I know why you went to TO. ALL THE WAY TO TO!??? Sounds like a nice day though, would love to do it myself someday. Find anything interesting? Am thinking to hit some yardsales tomorrow! HEy! Hoe bout you guys come up and we can go together LOL!