Thursday, May 8, 2008

Preparing and Missionaries

Lat night, there was a missionary meeting in Clinton. , Kyle, Liam and I went, and Ryan stayed home with my sister Rebecca. There was an encouraging word of ministry and a report on the work in Panama. I am a bit ashamed to say that I had not even consciously realized that Panama was a whole country and not just a canal! So, anyway, Ross Vanstone is down there starting a work. He said it is a slow work, but it is steadily growing and people are getting saved, which is fabulous! It was nice to see Ross again and hear about what he is doing in Panama.

I am having a get together at my house on Saturday. Sort of an open house, since Mom and Rebecca are here, so people can come say Hi and have a hot dog or whatever. Funny how a simple plan like that can be so much work! So many people want to help, which I so appreciate, but I am having a hard time accepting help. I have been self- sufficient for so long now I forget what it is like to be having people offer their assistance! I even have a photographer coming to take some photos of Mom with her grandkids, sister and bros, etc. I am just praying for no rain that day! Last year in May we had TWO rainy days. TWO. and this year, I have barely seen the sun the whole month hahaha.

Mom with some of her grandkids:


Violet Rooster said...

Ooo I used to want to be a missionary. :\

Sounds like you'll have a fun open house! Here's hoping for clear skies!

Celinoooo said...

Sounds like fun! :)