Sunday, May 18, 2008


Antiques, antiques, antiques ay yi yi! G has been bitten by the antique bug. I've learned a whole new vocabulary! Milk glass, Wedgwood, Evangeline, hobnail..... I now know what these words mean. We've been to countless thrift stores, antique warehouses, yard sales, and auctions in the last few weeks! I can't really complain, because I now have a fabulous new china set (new to me) which I am completely in love with. It is the kind of china I would sigh over when G and I were eating KD and hot dogs when we were newly married and had to live off love hahahaha

We aren't really looking for ourselves, as he is trying to sell some things on eBay as a side business. We don't actually advertise that, as some antique dealers wax eloquent about how eBay has killed the antique market. Oops. So I got my china for a price I could afford, instead of a price I would be afraid to eat off of! yay for eBay LOL

However, my formal dining room is now so covered in finds to sell on eBay and I can hardly SEE my shiny buffet hutch with my glittery new china so carefully arranged in it! I am sure I will appreciate it much more when I reap the benefits of our hours and hours of looking for bargain treasures. Basically, we have found, the uglier it is, the more money people will pay for it.

case in point:

G is on vacation this week, and our week is already stuffed full! I love being busy :) it sure beats twiddling your thumbs.

We packed our Saturday so full~ it was a grand day. Hit an Indian buffet for lunch. Kyle wouldn't try anything but fruit, but the rest of us chowed down and were so full they nearly had to roll us out. then we visited my sister and the boys went on a city bus for the first time in their memories (they'd been on in Calgary, but were too young to remember) They couldn't wipe the smiles off their faces at the thought of STANDING on a moving vehicle! We just went downtown so they could see their uncle at work, but they were glowing all night about their bus ride. Then we went and visited with G's parents and brothers and Arlene for a bit and headed home.

I hope our week is as fun as Saturday was!