Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Webkinz and dog washing

It was raining this morning. The kind that hits the tin roof with a WHOMP and makes you jump awake. It sounds very soothing usually, after the initial jolt awake. It also makes my yard a muddy mess. Usually, a muddy mess isn't too much of a problem, but when you have just gotten a snowy white dog......not so much fun!

The boys were up before the alarm clock, wanting to walk the dog (wonder how long THAT will last *rolls eyes*) so out they went. the came back in, wiped his feet on his "dirty foot towel" ate their breakfast and ran back out.

So, I walked him a km after the kids got on the bus, and by the time he got back home, he was a little mud ball. So into the bath he went. He is considerably whiter and fluffier now, and he had a grand time racing through the house rubbing his snout on the floor. He was excellent having a bath, but did shake himself before I got the towel on him ~yikes!

After the boys got home, we walked 2 kms, and my legs are sure feeling the 5 kms I have walked in the past two days!

My boys love webkinz, and they have a few each. Kyle got his first one for his birthday, and things have snowballed a bit from there.Whenever they have money, they buy themselves webkinz. Ryan has mostly "manly" animals~ tiger, leopard, gorilla, dogs. Kyle has a whole mixture, from bullfrogs to pandas to a poodle and a horse (he has 11 now). Liam has only cats. Liam loves cats, and dearly wants a pink and white cat, Himalayan cat, lil kinz cats and a few retired ones (good luck on those). I even have one (child at heart here) a pink pig named Penelope.
Here's Kyle with his lil kinz bullfrog:


Anonymous said...

I love that photo of Kyle!! I saw a few today I have never seen before....

Celinoooo said...

I love that pic of Kyle too!
Webkinz are so much fun for kids!