Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Introducing William Wallace!

I have been wanting a dog for well, years now. We've had a few, but never very long term. I've been a bit shy of adopting a new dog, after a bad experience with our last dog biting Ryan and just being in general not a great fit for our family. So, today, I was tidying my laundry room, and I heard HONKKKKK from my driveway!

I poked my head out the door, and there was G, home from work, with a gorgeous white Westie for me! What a fabulous surprise!

He's 4 years old, and is energetic. We went for a long (2km) walk, and by the end, he was pretty wiped (so was I haha) so there is an end to his energy. I hope he will help keep me motivated to walk every day! He walks really well, although he does like to mark every.single. lightpost.

without further ado, I give you William Wallace, aka Wally


Celinoooo said...

He's so adorable!!!
Congratz again Kimmy!