Thursday, April 3, 2008

Day out!

It's Liam and G's birthday today. Happy Birthday!

I went out today with some friends. I had a grand time! Carolyn and Mary picked my up around 9 or so, and we headed out to a wonderful cooking store. It was chock full of just about everything you can imagine regarding cooking, from palm potato peelers to frostee machines to loaf pans to gas range stoves. We ended up nabbing the biggest pot you've ever seen and a masher to match for cooking potatoes at the meeting in Clinton. (maybe those palm potato mashers would have come in handy haha)

after that store, we beelined it over to stack a shelf to check out their great sales ( which I couldn't resist. I ended up with a new cabinet, which I put together wrong. so I un did it. and put it together again. WRONG. on my third try I finally figured it out (yes indeedy I am on the ball today) and it looks very nice.

We had a grand lunch at Harveys~YUM! I love Harvey's burgers! and found out where there is an Indian buffet, so next time one of the kids has a Bday and wants to go, I know where one is now.

Then costco. Oh my~ aisles and aisles of jumbo anything you can think of! I snagged a pack of pork (yes, I know, big deal) but seriously, it was eleven bucks, and these pork chops were two and a half inches thick. I sliced each one into three boneless porkchops and we had one lot for supper and there are two more packs of ten in the freezer.

Since it is G's bday, I wanted to get him something special, so we stopped by the christian bookstore, and I got a new bible for G.He was happy with that and the cake I bought. Liam got a cat webkinz, but he'll get a few more presents on his party.

Here he is opening his cat webkinz.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had fun shopping, maybe next time I will have to come ;P What did Liam say about his cat?

Laura said...

Happy Birthday to G and Liam!!

Hearts at home said...

Glad you had a nie day with the girls! What was the name of the kitchen store? Maybe when i come down we can goagain :) I love kitchen stuff! Wish the guys a belated happy birthday for us! K

Celinoooo said...

Awww look at hime! He's so excited!!
I can't believe how fast he's grown!

Sassy_Canuk said...

The store was called STOP :)