Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ever wonder?

  ever wonder what the homemade laundry soap actually fills? If you read my blog at all, you will already know that I make my own laundry soap. I figured out last year that I save quite a bit of cash doing so! I made soap yesterday, and seeing all the bottles sitting there on my kitchen counter made me think that maybe you would like to see how MUCH soap just one recipe makes. My sister has saved and given me many empty laundry soap bottles, which I fill with my homemade soap and store in the drawer of my washing machine. I keep the big tide container on a shelf above my masher and refill it as I use it up from the smaller bottles.
 so, here they are, all lined up:

and sideways, so you can see what size the bottles are:
kind of impressive, huh? (and almost 500$ saved, since I started making it :D )


Lady Lilac said...

WOW! Do you make a double batch? I make my own laundry soap all the time now but I'm sure mine didn't fill so many bottles. I had I think about 2 big ones and 4 regular ones. I've soon got to make some more now. I put in extra soap when washing Terry's dirty clothes! Do you ever put scent in?

Lady Lilac said...

Lately I've been just leaving it in the pail and filling up the regular size when I run out. I hated having all those bottles lying around!