Friday, January 8, 2010

Making Laundry soap, one year later

 A year ago, I started making my own laundry soap. at first, I was skeptical about if this would really work. I had misgivings~ could this runny gloopy stuff really clean my clothes? would they smell alright? would I REALLY save money?
 The answer to all of those questions is YES! My family's clothing is clean, no smells, and I have DEFINATELY saved money. Before HMS (home made soap) I was going through a container of  SBS (store bought soap) Purex 32 load size in a week and a half.(39 bottles a year?) At about 7$ for a bottle, in a year I'd be spending around 273$ a year on laundry soap (if my math is right.. there is a good possibility I'm off, knowing my math skills or lack thereof LOL) The initial cost of HMS is the biggest... about 15$ for the supplies. I've had to buy more soap as I went along, I've used 6 bars, so I spent 4$ after my initial investment. Therefore,
SBS= 273$ p/y
HMS=19$ p/y
 That's a whopping 254$!!!
 not bad :)