Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Way to go, Ryan!

A few months ago, Ryan, my oldest, mentioned that he'd taken a special test at school. He said only a few of the highest scoring math students in his grade were given the choice to take it, so he took it. After that, I kind of forgot about it.
 Today, He came home with two certificates! One was for participating in the test, but the other said
 Outstanding Achievement
 The Faculty of Mathematics, University of Waterloo,
 is pleased to Recognize the achievement of
 Ryan ******
who has received the highest score in the grade 7
 Gauss Mathematics Contest at
************* school in the year 2010

I am really proud of him! who knew that MY son would be good at math? (if you don't know me at all, math and I have had a rather rocky relationship rofl)