Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tiger Tail ice cream

 One of my favorite things when I was growing up was when my Dad would go to Scotsburn dairy near closing time and buy us the "remainders"~ the big tubs of ice cream left when they emptied the machines. If I recall correctly, it was only 5 or 10$ for a large pail (the kind in chinese buffet restaurants or ice cream parlours). Often, these tubs has three or four kinds layered in them, but for awhile, he brought home tubs and tubs of tiger tail ice cream. In fact, he brought home SO MANY, we grew VERY tired of the orange and black licorice flavoured tiger tail ice cream. I didn't even THINK about that flavour for many years, until a few months ago, when I saw a commercial for PC tiger tail ice cream! Then, suddenly, I wanted to taste it again. I sent my poor husband on a mission to find some, and he was successful (not PC brand, he found Chapman's) ! I got my tiger tail ice cream, and it was  almost every bit as yummy as I remembered. I say almost, because I am sorry to say that no other brand really  compares to Scotsburn Ice cream!


Lady Lilac said...

You are very right... no other compares to Scotsburn!

Briar Bergner said...

Fun blogspot! Thank you for sharing your fun memory! I've GOT to find some to try!

God's Blessings~ Briar