Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My secret (well, until now!) 2010 goal

I made a goal to try 10 new things this year. Things I haven't ever done before. There are some things that I have on my list, and some things that I'll just do, without them being something I've planned.
 A few things I WANT to try to do this year include:
scuba diving (?)

I've done three already, and I am quite proud of myself for them haha
~ I went snowmobiling, when I hadn't really ever been on one before. (I sat on one when I was about 14 and someone drove me around the house~ It wasn't a fun experience. I enjoyed this one much more!)

~ snowshoeing. It was quite easy, and a beautiful (duck)  (waddle) walk through the woods, which were quite laden with snow

~ snow tubing. down a very steep, very icy hill. while screaming in terror the entire way. Then running gasping to the tube lift to go again and again. It was fantastic!

 I am not sure what I will try next, but when I do something, I'll be sure to blog about it!
 any suggestions? (no skydiving or bungee jumping for me~ fear of heights here LOL)