Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Leavin', on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again....

Ok, so no jet plane and I do know when I'll be back again LOL. I'm taking off for Prince Edward island tonight! Kyle and I are going for the weekend Bible conference there, but we have a couple of extra days so we can visit friends and sight see a small bit. Just to walk on the beach and breathe that salty fishy air mmmmmmm I can't wait! I hope I can meet up with some old friends while I am there. I know I'll see tons of people at teh conference that I haven't seen in years! It will be so nice to hear the ministry and have fellowship with the other believers there.
Yes, indeedy I am excited!!! Hopefullty when I get back I'll have lots of pictures to post and stories to tell :) I'll be crossing the confederation bridge for the first time, exciting (LOL @ being excited to cross a bridge)


Anonymous said...

Have fun! The bridge is actually quite boring LOL!

Celine said...

De rien Kimmy!
I'm glad the boys enjoyed it! :)
As for the magnet, I immediately thought of you when I saw it! lol
You're very welcome!