Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The boys are happy

We went to an auction sale last night. We try to go to them, when we can, because you can get awesome deals on things you probably would not shell out money for otherwise. Like the hot wheels gear we snagged for our three sons last night. Anyone who has ever bought hot Wheels cars, toys, or whatever knows that they are a bit pricey sometimes. Ok, so 1.35 for a dinkie might mot SEEM like alot to some, but when you x it by three, or compare it to other brands that sell for .99, they are expensive.
We ended up with a fireball, two car shaped storage cases, a steering wheel shaped case, and two box- type cases, as well as a storage bin shaped like a hot wheel car. Complete with a few hundred dinkies in very good shape~ all for the bargain price of 7$.
Needless to say, we had a hard time getting the boys to bed last night, and out the door to school today!

On another note, just a week and a day until my trip to PEI~ I am so excited!